Led by Julie Sparkman

John Calvin once referred to the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike as “idol making factories.” We experience a consistent and at times overwhelming gravity pull to find life in an ever-changing array of false gods. Approval, “Happy Marriage/Children”, career and financial success are just a few of the idols that drive us to anxiety, control, anger, and a host of other sins that erode our connection with God and one another. Like Paul, we don’t do what we truly desire, and we do what we despise. We don’t need a “little help” to break this crazy cycle; we need an all out transforming rescue from the God who not only saves, but satisfies. Join us as we look beneath our besetting sins to the deeper desires that drive them and discover our rescue within the gospel we thought we knew.

Idol Addiction is an 8 week course that is offered through Restore Ministries.  This course has been instrumental in the lives of many to bring a newfound freedom in how to believe the gospel.  It is taught live by Julie and also in the context of small groups or life groups through video.  The course will be offered in January 2013 on dvd or MP3 download through the Restore website.   Restore also offers workbooks and a leadership guide for purchase.  Visit the website in January for purchasing options.


Julie is currently teaching the course at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church.  If you would like to listen to some of the Lessons you can click on the link below:

Check back in December to see where Julie will be teaching next and join us!




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