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Holiday “Special” Is Not Up to You

by Jennifer Phillips I have a serious internal drama going on right now. It's a little something I like to call, "The Battle for Special." This battle can stay fairly dormant until occasions arise such as holidays, special events, anniversaries, and "family days." I...

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We Are Thankful

As we enter the next couple of days of things we are thankful for being the topic of discussion, we at Restore Ministries want to send out this heart felt message of gratitude to each of you.  You have made your way into our ministry and into our hearts by the grace...

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Need a break from the Crazy Train? Join us tonight only from 6-7 pm Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church for a ONE TIME session of re-focus, refreshment and renewal as we not only look at, but respond to Christ's call to rest. Men and women of all ages welcome....

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Narrow Boundaries

by Jennifer Ervin As people we love to try to figure out who we are - and what we’re passionate about in life.  This is evident in the thousands of different personality profiles you can take or read about.  I love personality tests!!  Its the psychology nerd part of...

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The Power of Thorns

    by: D'Anna Lundstrom What “thorns” are you living with today?   We all have at least one.   The thing we pray and pray that God will take away.   Sometimes He does, and sometimes He does not.   Maybe it is a chronic illness, a prodigal child, a broken...

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Which One Will You Choose?

By: D'Anna Lundstrom The world says be successful.  God says be still. The world subsidizes an exhausting race.  God supplies eternal rest. The world says climb up the ladder.  God says climb under my yoke. The evil in our world produces panic.  God promises peace....

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Woman, You Are Free

Woman, You Are Free by Jennifer Phillips What does it look like to be free? I've probably given freedom a myriad of definitions throughout the years. At eight years old, freedom was permission to ride my bike around our entire townhouse complex, sans parents. When I...

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