I imagine this might be from Jesus to us. “I have not forgotten. You may have forgotten that I think more about you than you do. You may have forgotten that your dreams are even more important to me than they are to you. You may have forgotten that your life is as important to me than any human life I’ve formed. But I have not forgotten.

You may have forgotten that I take every devastating, aching, unhealed pain, every loss, every injustice, every calamity, every abuse, every accident, every turn of fortune, every lost love…and I refashion it, in perfect time, into perfect best.
I have not forgotten, that in the moment you often do not believe this. Even after you’ve experienced this truth countless times and thanked me for them along the way, promising never to doubt my character, ever again.
And I have not forgotten who you are. And I am not angry or needing you to finally ‘get’ anything. You may forget to remember my goodness. You may forget that I am in control. But I will not forget. I will hold this world, I will hold your world in control. I will not leave you, I will not forsake you.
I do not forget to love you just as much when you forget all this. This I can do. This I’ve promised to do. This I will do.


John Lynch


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