Facing your false gods and restoring your sanity with the gospel you thought you knew.

I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead I do what I hate.” – The Apostle Paul

We may not bow to golden statues but we are idolaters. An idol is anything we turn toward to make life work apart from God and we all have one (or more). Approval, family and career are among the host of false gods we look to for our security and satisfaction. Rather than freeing us, these idols drive us to anxiety, control, anger and countless other sins that erode our connection with God and one another. Like Paul, we don’t do what we truly desire and do what we despise. We are addicts, returning repeatedly to the fruitless means we use to attempt to please our idols and numb our pain; thwarting our heart’s desire by grasping for it on our own. We don’t need a ‘little help” to break this crazy cycle. We need an all-out rescue from the God who not only saves but satisfies. This is for all of us not just the alcoholic, work-aholic or codependent. Come along as we identify together our individual idols, confront our personal powerlessness to overcome them and discover how the life we’re yearning for is right inside the gospel we thought we knew.

Julie Sparkman

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“I have done MANY studies, but this one has been the most impactful due to its focus on the heart and what flows from it.  Julie’s word pictures helped in understanding the Scriptures.  She taught like Jesus did –the Word, the story, then how about you? What’s happening in your heart?  AND, I loved how she exposed her own heart.  There are many ways this study moved me, but I think the understanding that I need a rescue will be a daily reality, as well as my righteousness is in Christ and is secure, and I am well cared for child of God.  I have lived all my life as an orphan.  It feels really good not to!  Thank you, Julie, for sharing what God has entrusted you with.  My heart has been set free in many ways!”


“iA rocked my world! I feel like I’m saved all over again as it has helped me to believe, absorb in, accept, and be out of control joyful for the gospel!  For years I struggled with doubting my salvation because I don’t always act or feel righteous.  I’ve always struggled with intimacy with God and others so it was helpful in helping me come out of hiding and let my Father love on me!  It’s all about Him and His glory and His love!  I will purchase the DVD set and remind myself often!  Thank you Julie Sparkman and praise God for breaking deeper and deeper into my heart!”


“idolAddiction was extremely encouraging as it reminded me that as a believer Christ is my righteousness.  His righteousness is paid in full for me, and I don’t need to be driving myself crazy to do and say “the right thing” in order to earn His love and righteousness.  Learning to rest in Jesus is so important.”


“This study was life-changing.  I understand the gospel of grace in deeper ways and am so grateful that I can live each day in this grace. This was the best study I have done at College Park from material and leadership!!”


“This was a phenomenal study!  I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before.  It hit me right where I was!”


“Idol Addiction has been life changing. I want to listen to all the audios again.  Daily I remind myself that I am not an orphan, but a well-loved, well provided for daughter of the King.”

“idol Addiction really made me see how I put forth so much effort into trying to purchase a righteousness Christ has already paid for!”

“iA was the most impactful study I have ever done. It clarified theology and gave me very practical ways to live.”

“iA helped me to see the new heart the Father gave me when I became His and how HE moves me to love  and obey Him which is truly my truest desire. I am more aware of my idols-where I tend to go to make life work on my own-and the addictive behavior that drives me.  I am learning to surrender those lesser desires and look to Him for life-He has already provided all I need!”



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Julie Sparkman

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