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For hurting believers, the church pew can be the loneliest place on earth. Addiction, loss, physical and mental illness, infidelity, domestic violence, and fractured families are a reality not only outside the church walls, but inside as well. Too often, the church has abdicated its role, or worse, has caused additional wounding by failing to care for members thoughtfully and intentionally.

Six years ago, while serving on the pastoral care staff of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, Julie Sparkman developed a program of pastoral care to assist staff and elders as they minister to members in crisis. Our “Restoration Care Program” aims to:

~ reach members before severe crisis and potential need for church discipline arises

~ employs a team approach that reduces work load for staff and elders by equipping members to minister to one another

~ works collaboratively with Christian mental health professionals

“Restoration Care has helped save our marriage.  I was intimidated by the thought of it initially.  Now I realize that pride, fear and shame were holding me hostage.  It has been nothing but the body of Christ loving us right where we are.  We didn’t have to walk the rocky and hopeless road alone as fellow travelers held our hands and led us to a new hope and transformation.  Transparency leads to true freedom.  Satan hates the light. As we shared our struggles with others Christ healed us through that light.  I’m so thankful for the team and the love we are finding through honesty and relationship.”

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