My favorite time of any day is the pre-dawn moments before the light comes. The world is dark and quiet, stretching out before me in a hopeful sort of way. Having just awakened from sleep, I am alert enough to savor everything—the dance of light and shadow in the yard, the breeze that plays through the wind chime on the porch, the warmth of a favorite coffee mug, the comfort of a blanket against the cold. The nearness of God seems especially real in those early hours.

As I wait for the light, time feels rich and abundant rather than scarce and limited. In the absence of words—and before any words have been spoken—my soul is calm and clear like the stillness of a quiet pond. There is never any doubt that the light will come; just quiet anticipation.

As wonderful as it is to be in the light, morning solitude has taught me that it is even better to be there when the light comes. Being there helps me “make contact” with this God who comes and is always coming… like the sun… when it is time. It helps me find my true-self-in-God again.

Advent is a season for waking up to all the ways Christ comes to us. Yes, the themes of Advent help us celebrate and commemorate his first coming in the Incarnation. They encourage us to anticipate his second coming in glory—of course! But there is also such a thing as the third coming of Christ: that is, all the ways in which Jesus comes to us now, bringing light for our darkness, peace for our turmoil, hope for our fear.

So this week, let’s practice waking up so we don’t miss any of the ways in which Christ comes to us every day. Sitting quietly in the pre-dawn hours waiting for the light to come—almost imperceptible at first—is a way to practice waiting and watching for the coming of the Son into every nook and cranny of our lives. In those early morning hours, contemplate how you are being asked to open yourself to this One who comes in the midst of your everyday activities. Be prepared to meet your grace in every circumstance, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour and we don’t want to miss it. “Now is the moment for you to wake from sleep” (Romans 13:11 NRSV).

O holy God, open unto us light for our darkness, courage for our fear, hope for our despair.

O God of peace, open to us peace for our turmoil, joy for our sorrow, strength for our weakness.

O generous God, open our hearts to receive the gift of your presence.


by Ruth Haley Barton

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