“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead I do what I hate.”
-The Apostle Paul

We may not bow to golden statues, but we are idolaters. An idol is anything we turn toward to make life work apart from God, and we all have one (or more). Approval, family, and career are among the host of false gods to which we look for our security and satisfaction. Rather than freeing us, these idols drive us to anxiety, control, anger, and countless other sins that erode our connection with God and with one another.

Like Paul, we don’t do what we truly desire, and we do what we despise. We are addicts, returning repeatedly to the fruitless means we use to attempt to please our idols and numb our pain, thwarting our heart’s desire by grasping for it on our own. We don’t need a little help to break this crazy cycle. We need an all-out rescue from the God who not only saves but who satisfies. Come along as we together identify our individual idols, confront our personal powerlessness to overcome them, and discover how the life we’re yearning for is right inside the gospel we thought we knew.

Arranged in nine audio/video lessons, in varying lengths each 60 minutes or less, the study works for individual use, small groups, large Bible studies, Sunday School classes and more. The accompanying workbook (sold separately) offers lesson outlines and one homework assignment for each week, which can be processed in small groups.

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