Dear Praying Friends,

As I write this, Brent is about to go into surgery to remove the port used to administer chemo. He had his last treatment in May. His last Pet scan shows no sign of cancer, meaning he is officially in remission. He will have another scan within six months and continue to do so indefinitely. His prognosis is good and we are thankful for every day that we have that is cancer free. ” Living in the moment” continues to be a discipline that we have all had to continue to exercise. It is key to giving thanks in all things… and to staying sane when we want an “end point”, which cancer doesn’t offer. I want to say, “whew, that’s all behind us now”, but what we have instead is the assurance that He is present in this moment… And that makes it good.

Brent has begun working out, is gaining strength quickly and is sporting a new goatee to go with his “five o’clock shadow” haircut. He is working hard to find a job in Industrial Design (with good benefits!). At this point, beyond continued remission, we ask you to pray for an open door in his field.

Words can’t express our gratitude for those of you who have so faithfully gone before the Father on behalf of Brent and our family. You have taught me so much about the need for community. Thank you all for your patience with my slow communication. Life has begun to return to a rhythm which allows us to pick up much of what we have had to let go of this past year. Pray that each be wise in how we choose to invest ourselves in the Larger Story that He has already written for our lives.


Julie (for Wes, Brent, Julianne and Anna Claire)

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