Friendships, jobs, families, marriages, sex, identity, desires, and feelings were all part of God’s original creation. They were His ideas. He had an intended purpose for which they were designed. The brokenness of life this side of Eden has shattered much of His creation, however, the design remains the same.

The Gospel provides our pathway to restoration. In scripture when God restores, He does more than return to the original state; He goes beyond. He restores more than was lost so that the final state is greater than the original condition. This restoration is our aim as counselors trained both professionally and biblically. God provides us with an abundance of therapeutic tools, which our staff continues to employ, and He allows us to grow in knowledge each year as part of our required continuing educational training.

However, it is our firm conviction that true freedom comes from Christ alone. Better relationships, job satisfaction, depression and addiction relief are not the truest form of a restored life. There is more. A soul at rest, despite the chaos of our lives, forms the foundation for healing in virtually every area of our lives.

Restoration is a messy process. At times we may fear that it will never end and that we are too far removed from the original blueprint. That’s why walking with someone who has a knowledge of the Word and a strong faith in the One who wrote it is essential.

At Restore, we hope to encourage others by pointing them to the One who picks up the scattered pieces of our lives and offers us a true restoration of the soul.

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