Linda Barrett

Linda Barrett received her B.A. from Jacksonville State University and her Spiritual Direction Certification from Richmond Graduate University. Linda is a frequent Bible teacher and has mentored women for over 30 years. She has authored Vinaigrette: Because Life Is Bitter and Sweet and co-authored, Engaging Motherhood.  Linda and her husband, Raymond, have been married almost 50 years and are the parents of three grown children and grandparents to five grandchildren.

As a spiritual director, Linda works with women who seek to develop greater discernment and an increasing awareness of God’s direction and presence in their lives through the spiritual disciplines of joint prayer, contemplative prayer, the reading of scripture and other spiritual practices. If you would like to discuss if spiritual direction is right for you or if you would like to make an appointment with Linda, email her at

Schedule An Appointment

1. Call the office at (205) 440-2909 or email

2. Fill out and print the following form and bring it with you on your first visit.

Intake Packet

The below form is a simply a way for you to evaluate your spiritual life now. You don’t have to turn this in, but you can bring it if you want to discuss it.

Spiritual Inventory Questionnaire

3. Review the 48-hour cancellation policy and payment policy below. Please note these policies apply to your first visit.

Cancellation Policy

Your session is reserved for you. In the event that you will be unable to keep an appointment, please notify your counselor NO LATER THAN 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. In the absence of your notification, you will be charged for the missed session.


Restore Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that receives contributions to enable us to provide counseling on a sliding fee scale. Payment is due at the end of each session. A receipt will be provided upon request.

Sliding Scale for Suggested Contribution

Income $0 – $65,000 $66,000 – $85,000 $86,000 – Above Group Spiritual Direction
(1.5 hour session for up to 4 People)
Payment $50/per visit $65/per visit $80/per visit $100

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