The Two Foster Twins

Don Carson, the great New Testament scholar from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, tells the story of one of his colleagues who was a foster parent. He and his wife would take children into their home and keep them until they could be placed permanently in other loving homes. And one day he received a call from the agency. And the agency said, “We want you to keep two twin boys.” And he and his wife said, “We’ve never kept twins before. How old are they, and how long are we going to keep them?” “Well, they’re 18 months old. And we’d like for you to keep them for just 6 weeks. “OK. As long as it’s just for six weeks, send them on over.” It turned out that those little boys had been in 9 different homes in their first 18 months. And they had been severely abused in most of them. The first night they put the little boys down, they didn’t make a sound. Perry and his wife were curious. They went into the room and they found the boys in the bed weeping uncontrollably but muffling the sound of their cries into the pillow, because in some of the previous homes where they had stayed, they had been beaten when they cried. The psychologist told them that these children would never, ever be psychologically and emotionally normal and whole. They were irremediably affected by this experience. Two years later a home was found for those twins. And the social worker who provided the psychological analysis before the boys were sent on to their new home said that, “Inexplicably and miraculously those boys were now normal, having experienced the love of a family that cared.”

I John 1:3

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

Reflect and Process:

How are you muffling the sounds of your cries into you pillow?  Ask your loving heavenly Father to heal you with His love this day and allow you to come to Him in safety.

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