A Prayer about Our Calling to “Belong” to Jesus

And you also are among those Gentiles who are called to belong to Jesus Christ. Rom. 1:6

Dear Lord Jesus, this one little verse touches something quite big in our lives—the notion of “belonging.” Because so much of life is about the delights and heartbreaks of relationship. From the day we offered our first cry as a newborn baby, our deep longing for attention, attachment, and affection have been patently obvious. This is a good thing, for we’re made in your image—created for deep connection and rich relationship.

You placed us into our families, our quest to find our place in our family has been a source of incredible joy for many of us, and great sadness for others of us. This same story has played out in all of our other relationships as well: friendships, work, romance. Wanting to connect is an incessant them theme of our lives—one that often leads us to make our worse choices in life.

And yet “the belonging of all belongings” is found only in relationship with you, Jesus. There’s a place in our hearts that shaped like and reserved only for you. I praise you today that the gospel is a calling to belong to you. No one else and nothing else can fill that vacuum and enliven that place in our hearts.

The healthiest relationships we enjoy are good gifts to be treasured, for sure; but they’re only a scent and symbol of what it means to belong to you. Likewise, our most painful and disconnected and failed relationships don’t have to define us. We can, and should, grieve these losses, and bring our wounds to you. For no one loves, and no one can heal a broken heart like you…

And I thank you today, as well, for the reminder that belonging to you is a “calling”; we called to belong, not merely invited, but subpoenaed into an eternal life of being wanted, desired, known, loved, celebrated, and enjoyed. We are called to “belong”—not owned and parked like a new car; but connected and cherished, like a new bride. Lord Jesus, you purchased us with the price of your life; and your love for us, alone, is better than life—alone, will not let us go.

We belong, now and forever, to you. Help me, help us, to come more fully alive to our “belongingness” and belovedness in you this very day, Lord Jesus. So very Amen we pray, in your tender and triumphant name.

-Scotty Smith



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