By: D’Anna Lundstrom

The world says be successful.  God says be still.

The world subsidizes an exhausting race.  God supplies eternal rest.

The world says climb up the ladder.  God says climb under my yoke.

The evil in our world produces panic.  God promises peace.

The world shames us with standards.  God shelters us with sufficiency.

Through the world, we seek approval.  Through God, we are shielded by acceptance.

The world whines we are entitled.  God whispers He is enough.

In this world, we will experience pain.  It is only through God that our pain will encounter purpose.

In this life, there will always be laughter, and there will always be tears.  We will struggle through hours of hardship and savor times of triumph.  In the end, all that matters is, did we choose the lies of the world or the love of God.

May we never forget, God created the world.   We must never let the world create God.


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