This letter is written to many of you who have done idolAddiction as well as those who haven’t.  Along the way we have noticed something curious about Lesson 5, which is the Lesson on repentance.  This lesson seems to be especially significant for many people. If you will remember the title of the Lesson is Remember, Repent and Return.  A lot of you have expressed that Lesson 5 was the turning point for you in the study.  Well, the first time iA was ever taught this Lesson just happened to be the Lesson that failed to record because of technical difficulties. When we shot the video of Lesson 5 a year later, we again had technical difficulties and had to re-record it. Often folks have re-ordered a single DVD of Lesson 5 because copies have been lost.  Just last week we skyped with a leader in Australia and someone had borrowed Lesson 5 and never returned it.  As many others, she needed another copy.
All of this to say, for some reason Lesson 5 seems to be very significant.  We all need a dose of remembering how God wants us to view repentance.  As Julie reminds us that repentance first comes from repenting of our unbelief. In this Lesson we learn the difference between “fruit-repentance” and “root-repentance”. We are also reminded that our spirit of repentance is directly related to our view of God. How do we see God when we repent?
These are all such wonderful truths to review, yet again.  In fact, we are making Lesson 5 available at no charge on our website just in case you’d like to hear it just one more time.  Go here and scroll down until you see it.​ Listen now, or just star it for later … here’s a free hour of counseling on us!
Romans 2:4​  “God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance”

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